Miscellaneous Musings

MM #3

OBSERVATION: When someone says, “Sorry, I don’t mean to cut you off,” it’s usually right after they’ve cut you off.

REALIZATION: On Saturday morning, regular broadcast TV doesn’t show cartoons anymore! What is this world coming to? Why have they forsaken today’s youth? How are you supposed to eat Fruit Loops (or Fruit O’s, for low-income households) and fully enjoy the experience, without Saturday morning cartoons?

MM #2

Did Burger King ever cut Rob Base a check for that “F**k the Big Mac!” line in “It Takes Two (To Make A Thing Go Right”?

MM #1

I think in one of her previous lives my daughter was a kidnapper, hostage taker, or both.

When her demands are not met, i.e. “Dad, can I get $50?”, she cuts off contact.

And then you get punished: your next several text messages receive no reply.

And it hurts.

It even makes me afraid to open my mail…one of my fingers might be in there.

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