A.R.T. Exhibit

Anger. Reduction. Therapy.

“60 mg Acrylic Pastels”
“Head Apnea Test”
“Six-Word Memoir #2”
n.b.a. player / dominates in the garden / giant sunflower #haiku
“Gypsy Gillespie”
“Unwritten Rule of Etiquette #1#
“Fourth Dimension”
“The Human Condition”

Official logo of Staten Island.
Daddy O fried pickles (dipping sause on the side).
Deep in a book.

3 thoughts on “A.R.T. Exhibit

  1. Anger – Ran out of Chocolate Reduction -New Supply of Chocolate on its way. Therapy – Taking that first bite into the new supply of *CHOCOLATE.*

    On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 12:06 PM Home | Many Attitudes of Dennis wrote:

    > mad575 posted: “Anger. Reduction. Therapy. ” >

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  2. I didn’t read this but thought you may be interested in the subject. Maybe your kids would like the article if it helps them eat well while in college.


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