Biblical Adam was The First Tekashi 6ix9ine

Unpopular Opinion: Adam (from the Bible) was The First Tekashi 6ix9ine.

First off, I must self-disclose that I’ve laughed at some of the Tekashi Snitching memes. But with that said, after the laughter I always felt the profound sadness and tragedy of this situation. A young man (of color) going to jail and/or sending others who have similar skin tone there is no laughing matter.

There’s a lot of societal problems that serve as strong undercurrents which pull a 6ix9ine reality to the surface. But that’s not a conversation most folks are interested in having; it’s not entertaining or lit. I mean, if Tekashi 6ix9ine was a student named Daniel Hernandez, who studied hard and got a full scholarship to NYU, would Nicki Minaj have called to do a song? If he worked hard at summer jobs and on the Regents in order to attend Binghamton University, would he have been on The Breakfast Club? If he had to stop pursing dream of being a forensic psychologist and drop out of college to get a 6ix AM to 9ine PM job to cover rent, bills and debt, would he have been verified on Twitter or trending on YouTube? If he was a parent trying to do the best a parent can do for their children, but it still not being enough, would TMZ GAF?

Back to the memes. I feel there’s been an egregious oversight. Of all these memes on the internet, not one calls out the one responsible for the “Creation of [Snitching].”

Note: Adam was out there TELLIN’!

Adam was tellin’ about things he wasn’t even asked about! When you review the text in Genesis (chapter 3, verses 11 and 12), you clearly see that Adam offered up Eve (*who was supposed to be his ride or die mind you) before he even heard an offer from The Prosecutor.

*I saw a shirt the other day that had the phrase: THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL. So, I guess that means, not only was Adam the original snitch–he was the original hoe too.

God only asked Adam: Did you eat fruit from the forbidden tree? God didn’t ask Adam anything about who gave him the fruit. Adam could’ve just said, Yes God, I ate the fruit, and left it at that; then he could’ve waited to see what happened next. But no, Adam start naming name. All throughout the Bible there are references to God being forgiving and longsuffering; this was Adam’s first offense–a first offense is always supposed to elicit leniency–and God may have very well said to Adam, “This is the last time I AM going to tell you not to mess with that tree. No go and sin no more.” But we’ll never know because Adam didn’t give the situation a chance to fully play itself out; he folded like a fig leaf.

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