cropped-3accb-2e4195_512409c9956842e49bf8572e9a2b9a25mv2Haiku master, M. A. Dennis, performing 5-7-5
at Freedom of Speech open mic in Harlem, NY.


Haiku from M.A. Dennis’ forthcoming book:

Five Seven Five:

A Collection of Five Hundred & Seventy-Five Haiku

i’m the lion king

of haiku-na-ma-tata

hear my mighty roarrr!

m. a. dennis

when your name is john

reading letters from your wife

is very stressful

roach infested homes

are one place you shouldn’t be

eating raisin bran

dogs are man’s best friend

except for in this one place:

a civil rights march

take one of my poems

place it between your legs and

make me eat my words

do pedophile priests

use holy water to wash

off their penises?

king solomon did

“whose baby is it?” thing first

not maury povich

a judgement free zone

if only the world could be

a planet fitness

oreo cookie

an interracial couple

no one objects to

forget past mistakes

focus on present moment:

plate of jerk chicken