In a pre-apocalyptic world…

M. A. DENNIS, or MAD (which is short for Many Attitudes of Dennis), is a post-Harlem Renaissance writer, spoken word poet, and St. John’s University classically-trained journalist, whose work has been published by The New York Times. He is also a Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Finalist and the author of the self-titled book The Many Attitudes of Dennis: Spoken Word Poems.

Some consider MAD to be one of the most versatile performance poets of spoken word’s golden era. His style is the love child of poetry and prose; it’s a hybrid mixture of creative writing with hip-hop sensibilities, personal narrative, social commentary, pop culture, satire, spiritual philosophy, haiku, and a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Dennis’ Many Attitudes are diverse; their subject matter runs the gamut–from revolutionary erotic poetry to gender-bending stories of pantyhose-wearing activism.

M.A. Dennis’ other accomplishments include:

  • Featured in editorial section of New York Daily News
  • Work published by The Monitor (Coalition for the Homeless)
  • Work published by The Pangolin Review
  • Work featured in the anthology, Addiction (Madness Muse Press)
  • Principal actor in web series film The Ward
  • Performed at the world famous Apollo Theater
  • International recording spoken artist with several critically-acclaimed underground spoken word CDs
  • Performed on the steps of the state capitol in Albany, as part of The Poor People’s Campaign
  • Former Host of National Writers Union Open Mic at the New York Public Library
  • Former Editor of Voices of Fortune (Fortune Society)
  • Wrote and starred in short film Help Wanted (YouTube)
  • Served as Editorial Assistant and Writer for St. John’s Today, Official Newspaper of St. John’s University

Dennis is formerly homeless and a survivor of childhood trauma and adult depression. He advocates for mental health issues, shelter system reform and affordable housing. He’s the father of triplets (one girl, two boys).